Monday, 4 June 2012

Wrecker without Wrecking!

It's been 6 months since I last fiddled with the sticks and I managed to get up to the Wrecker this morning for a quick flight.

What a relief! 

I took a couple of photos when I got there and popped the video camera on my head, pressed the go button and launched the Wasabi over the edge of the Wrecker.

The breeze was very light with thermals giving excellent energy as they rolled through. After about 5 minutes of wobbly flight (it's been a while!) the camera made the tell-tale noise that let me know that I hadn't started recording because it turned itself off.
I had promised Roger that the next time I put a video of the Wasabi on the internet, it would be painted. Lucky then that the video didn't work.
After 15 minutes my fingers and face were getting a bit chilly (NE wind-chill) so I decided to land. As I was making my way to the road to cross over, the lift just died. Woohoo! that meant I could land at my feet and not have to hike up the hill!
One successful launch, one successful flight and one successful landing. What more could you possibly ask for (except for a whole day of flying)?

Here are a couple of photos, just to prove that I didn't imagine the whole thing.


  1. Glad you managed to get some flying done after your break. Great to get away from the books I bet!!

    1. It was great George, Looking forward to more!