Saturday, 9 June 2012

My First Rolling Circle!!!

The footage is particularly POOR but I managed to catch my first rolling circuit on video today. It wouldn't win any aerobatic competitions or anything, but I'm pretty pleased with myself!!
No Music, just wind noise!

It was great to see Chris, Ron and Mark also flying today. They were all making the most of the beautiful Mickey's lift with assorted foam, fibreglass and carbon models.

A couple of photos

I did manage to crash the Wasabi today (which I also got on video). I got disorientated just flying! I managed to do the hard bit and stay orientated! But couldn't manage to just fly without getting confused and befuddled!! Silly Git.
Anyway, due to the ever-increasing amount of glass and filler applied to the Wasabi, the only casualty was the radio tray.

I'll see how I'm feeling about putting the 'how not to land a Wasabi' video clip on the tube.

I also did a rush-job of getting the Gulp DS ready for a test flight, which it failed.

It was fantastic to get out onto a hill again.

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