Friday, 3 June 2011

Wasabi on the Wrecker

Fixed my Wasabi and made it to the Bwlch for a quick session on the wrecker.
This 60 inch plane is an absolute blast to fly! I can see that it will become my weapon of choice for larking about on the slopes. I'm quite excited about finally having a plane that I can throw around to stretch my aerobatic capabilities. Hopefully it will help me to make some more interesting videos too.
Speaking of videos, I took my tripod and video camera along for the re-maiden and cobbled together a quick clip to the sounds of Wolfmother. I should have set up the headcamera a bit for some more variety of shots, but only had an hour.
When I was making the video, I cut heaps of slack out, sorted clips into appropriate sections that fit with the music, pressed 'save' and ........... crash. Nothing. So the version I have uploaded is unfortunately a bit of a mishmash, with the clip I wanted to use for the final fying shot placed at about 2 min instead of at the end, and also a bit too much view with no plane.

I first put the clip on Youtube as it was too big for the free version of Vimeo and I wasn't inclined to splash out for Vimeo PLUS membership.
Youtube likes to restrict lots of vids from being watched in Germany, where there are an incredible amount of people who love gliding, so I have joined vimeo plus and uploaded it there.
Now I just need to make sure I get my 'monies worth'

Hope you enjoy the vid


  1. Nice vids, Clayton!
    Thinking about emigration to UK, especially Wales (at least for the amazing slopes) ;-).
    But a continental flat land wimp like me, I guess I would freeze within minutes...

  2. Hey Tom, I'm a migrant from Australia! so if I can cope with the weather, anyone can!!