Monday, 9 April 2018

Champ of Champs, Take one, April 2018


It seemed as accurate as Astrology last week with no-one having a single clue what the weather was actually doing, let alone what it was going to do in advance!

We had 2 days of below legal wind. You could't predict that for Wales in April, ever.

Day one saw us complete 3/4 of a round and I had my first competitive run in well over 2 years. A false start to begin with as I didn't get buzzed off-course and then on the re-flight I managed to hit the bases pretty flush to record the second fastest time of the people that flew, only being beaten by Joel. I was well pleased with that and also very pleased with how the Pike Precision performed in the very marginal conditions.

Mark Passingham was the lucky one to get to fly as the wind stopped so he had the most exciting flight of the day as his Freestyler tried t o get a closer look at the roadworks below. He managed to coax it back to the landing area safely.

Day two had a promising forecast giving us NE from 5 to 10 MPH for the majority of the day. Those wind speeds never materialised and we had a lovely day sitting around chatting and sports flying (very sedentary SPORTS.... ) in the very light wind which was becoming increasingly thermic with the associated good and BAAAAD lift. 

Greg Dakin treated us to his maiden flight of the Redshift. 
It seemed to go quite well, especially once the ailerons were plugged in... Andy Burgoyne took a couple of FacebookLive videos which I'm sure you'll be able to find on Facebook. 

Here are a few photos from the day, including the maiden.

It is a real shame that the Welsh weather is trying to beat us every time we want to compete. We'll get a real comp in soon enough.

I really enjoyed catching up with all the blokes who came along and it was great to meet a few new faces too!

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