Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Maiden done!

I popped up to the IceCream slope after a 2pm finish at work today for the test flights of the Needle124 and Pike Precision.
The conditions were lovely, cold, but lovely.
Precision was first to go and I launched her empty into a decent blow. I had nothing to worry about except my own ability! She was really a pussycat.
A bit of larking about, some setting of elevator compensation, snapflap and aileron differential and it was landing time. Easy as pie!

The needle was next. It was a very short flight. 2 things wrong were a very rearward CoG and I'd forgotten to reduce the elevator travel.
I did manage to get it down in one piece, although the fuselage piece was a bit broken....
So back to the Pike and I popped a few hundred grams of ballast in her. The conditions were weakening but she didn't let that worry her at all.

Another 15 minutes or so of hooning around, trying to improve the set up and came away after another fine landing with a few things to think about.

I struggled getting my hands comfortable on the transmitter. I've modified a transmitter tray to fit inside my old Transmitt. I took to the tray with a hacksaw tonight and it is a massive improvement! Comfy again!

I didn't feel like I was getting the desired effect of adjusting the Differential in the Ailerons so I'll reduce the amount of coupled aileron and hopefully reduce the tendency to fly behind me.

The elevator throw was too great so I didn't feel like I was adjusting the snapflap effectively.

I feel really really positive about this plane!!

I do also love the Needle124 and after a quick repair to the Fuz and sorting the CoG back into the early 90's, she'll be right as rain again.

It was awesome to be back on the slopes! So happy!


  1. Great stuff Clayt. Better get that Needle in the air again!