Sunday, 26 November 2017

Woah! It's been Frages!!!

I can't believe it's been two years since my last entry on my blog!

Life has been happening and I completely lost my MoJo and the ability to find it or resuscitate it!

My last outing I believe was a very windy Welsh F3F event which I managed to break two models (Needle 124 and Skorp) The Needle is an easy fix and the Skorp was written off.

I still haven't finished repairing the Pike Precision, need to repair the needle and should pop the radio gear back in the willow2.

I now have a garage again and am getting the itch to get back out on the slopes. I don't imagine I'll have the time to compete regularly in F3F, but maybe a comp or two every now and then if the stars all align and the moons of Saturn go double time.

It's gunna take me some time to figure out how to use the Taranis again too.....

Hopefully write to you all again soon.


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